Hellfire is a broadcast audio processor for AM,FM,Internet & DAB radio broadcasters.
Platform is Windows.Most of all it is totally free..

Latest release downloads below
The installer is not signed.Therefore you will get a warning from Windows that the software is suspicious.To install you will need to select 'Further information' options.There will then be an option to 'Install anyway'.
This proceedure applies to Windows 10.Windows 11 may be different.

Hellfire-v8.0.2 nstall.exe
Fixed (hopefully) warnings from AV software during installation.Small change to the limiter.
Presets for Hellfire

Hellfire-v8.0.0 nstall.exe
Many changes for this version.Most notable is the removal of the compressors.Also removed is the 6 band processor.
Presets for Hellfire

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