Latency or delay can now be reduced to less than 20ms input to output delay.The following is a brief description how to achieve this as the newly installed application may exhibit high delay.
Sub 20ms delay will allow speaking live on air while monitoring the transmitter output.
The low delay appears to be only guaranteed on Widows 10 & 11.

The first step is to install ASIO4All.This is the link to the ASIO4All web page from which the latest installer can be downloaded.
Installation is started by double clicking on the downloaded installer.

Next are details of changes to Hellfire to achieve low delay.
First the sound card interface needs to be set to ASIO mode.This is found under Menu>Soundcard>Interface.
Next step is to select the ASIO Setup button.
The main ASIO setup is in this dialog.First ASIO4All device needs to be selected in the dropdown box.
Then set sample rate Usually 48KhZ or 192Khz.Next set to buffer size (128 at 48kHz is the one to try at first).
Select the Panel button.This starts the ASIO4All setup page.Select the soundcard you wish to use.
Back at the ASIO setup page select Apply to finalize the settings.Exit this dialog.
Finally select Menu->Soundcard>Settings.Choose the input and output channels on the soundcard you want to use.