Brief descripion of how to get Hellfire working.It assumes a first time installation.

Download and run the installer.Once installation is omplete the Hellfire application will run automatically

The main menu can be found top left of the application.(Three horizontal bars)
All the following assumes the 'Processor ' tab is active. (Bottom of the application).

The first thing to do is to set up the sound card interface.Sometimes the sound will work automatically
Select 'Menu > Soundcard > Settings'.This opens a dialog to select the sound input & output devices.Once done click on 'Apply'.
The Hellfire application will now process sound

Download and extract the presets  'zip' file.Once done right click on the preset name box of Hellfire (Top left) and select 'Import'.Navigate to where the presets were extraced to.Choose one the matches your type of broadcasting and follow the prompts.The presets can only be imported one at a time.
The supplied presets are only provided as a guide.You may feel the need to customize one to your style of broadcasting.

Hellfire will on first installation start with the 5 band processor.To switch to the 9 band processor select ' Menu > Processor > Type ' Use the dialog to switch between processors.